Coffee Cuppings


Come sample multiple varieties of roast coffee! 

The first Saturday of every month. 10-11am

Featuring Light to Medium roast coffee, fresh and locally roasted on site. 

Each attendee who has purchased a ticket will receive a free pound of coffee at the end of the tasting!

Tea Tastings


Join us and sample a variety of Julia's loose leaf teas! 

The third Saturday of every month. 10-11am

Each attendee who has purchased a ticket will receive a free tin of tea at the end of the tasting!

Barista Skills courses

Introduction to Coffee at Acoustic Java



The second Saturday of every month. 8am-12pm

This is an internationally certified course by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Introduction to Coffee is an ideal course for anyone who is new to the coffee industry or just has an interest in  this wonderful drink. It charts coffee’s journey from its “birthplace”  in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is  today. From growing the cherries through grading, roasting, and brewing, this module provides a comprehensive overview of the coffee value chain.

Barista Skills Program at Acoustic Java


The ideal course for working baristas and home enthusiasts! The SCA Barista Skills Coffee Program provides world-recognized instruction in espresso and milk preparation. Learn the practical skills you need behind the espresso bar: how to set your grinder, milk techniques, health and safety, customer service, and more. Barista Skills Foundation is perfect for beginners and requires no previous experience. The Foundation level provides a first taste of the Barista discipline and is a great way to get insight into the skills required of a barista. Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association, the Barista Skills Coffee Skills Program is an effective step for you in building a meaningful career in specialty coffee

Courses coming soon. If interested, please contact us!