March 13, 2016
Acoustic Java Coffee

Are there parallels between Coffee and Wine?

Coffee/Wine Parallels Mixing coffee and wine has become more of “a thing” in recent years, as in the case of some new so-called coffee wines. Whether or not this new thing is a good thing, we leave for you to judge on a case-by-case basis. What interests us here is not so much the physical combination of the aforementioned ingredients, but rather the many fascinating parallels that are so often drawn between coffee and wine. […]
March 12, 2016

Coffee Acidity

When tasting coffee, one of the five primary attributes we look for in a beautiful bean is acidity. Many coffee lovers may not fully appreciate the integral role of acidity in their daily cup. Indeed, due to its multiple hazardous connotations, some might even feel uncomfortable using that word to describe a drink they love. If folks get mildly uneasy when I start asking about the level of acidity they prefer in their coffee, it […]
September 17, 2015
Coffee Tannins

Are there tannins in coffee?

The other day, someone asked me if there were tannins in coffee. The short answer is, yes. But, the truth is a bit, though not much, more complicated. Some confusion arises from the fact that there are different types of tannins. For example, there are hydrolyzable tannins (water soluble) and condensed tannins (non hydrolyzable) and phlorotannins (found in brown algae). More confusion arises from the fact that there are also different types of acids. To keep it […]